September 12, 2008

Starting off on the wrong scalp.

Dear Izzabee,.

It's nice enough at the school but I wish you were here. It's kinda lonely. I have been sorted into my house. I'm a Schmuffle Tuff or Hufflepuff or something like that. To be sorted you have to stand in front of the whole school and wear a funny hat. Honest. Not too traumatic, huh? Oh and it talks, INSIDE YOUR HEAD. Yup funny looking, psycic hat. in front of the whole school. If you win the house cup I think it's going to be pink unitard with orange flashdance tee shirt.

I'm getting into a routine and not nearly getting lost as much now that I can hear the staircases. They move. It takes ages to convince them to move back, too. I enjoy listening to Hogwarts, it's so old and tehre is so much going on. Oh another weird thing - I think the house elves are forming a union. I'm in the kitchens a lot, I don't like the dining hall it's loud. And I am wondering if the tenticle tart is going to attack me. Seriously. I know a boy in our dorm lost his toad yesterday but the wouldn't serve it for supper, would they? Still I don't want to examine the "toad in the hole" too closely either.

I got a care package from my mum. She sent me a portable dvd player and some dvd's. All british tv shows. I'm not sure how that's supposed to make me less homesick but they are good shows. Oh and a few movies. Luckily the canopy bed has some thick curtains I can put my headphones in and enjoy. I wonder if the Beachcombers is out on dvd yet?

Miss You,

PS Have I mentioned the size of my HAIR?!?

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Shawnee said...

I wish my mom would send me a care package ... sniff....
-another first year Hufflefpuff
Lavender Ollivander