September 29, 2008

Pop quiz

The Quiz...

1 Which is your favorite book in the series (and why)?
Order of the Pheonix and Prisoner of Azkaban, because I have a crush on Sirius Black

2 If you were taking Owls, which class would you get an E in? Would you get any Ts?
E's in History of Magic and DADA, T's in Potions and Herbology

3 Who is your favorite character (or characters) in the Harry Potter series?
The young James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily

4 If you had to pick 1 character for a roomate, who would you pick and why? Who'd be your least-favorite to have as a roomate?
lily would be my favourite and my least favourite would be probably Hermionie, we have way too different personalities.

5 Hufflepuffs are a hardworking bunch, but also a bit mischevious. Which Hogwarts professor would you most like to prank, and how would you do it?
Remus Lupin because he has a sense of humour.

6 Favorite DADA professor? (from the books, Lucius does NOT count :)
Lupin because he actually taught you something

7 Favorite magical creatures? (Also, if for example you like a certain creature in general, but not how they are represented in the HP canon, feel free to elaborate :)
House Elves, beacuase they are sweet natured (for the most part)

8 What is your favorite food in the HP universe? Which food or foods would you like to try in real life? Do you have any recipes to share with us ;)?
I like to identify my food. Tentical tart doesn't appeal.

9 Broom, floo powder, portkey, or magic carpet?
Portkey as I have no co-ordination and don't like arriving ash-y

10 Since we're Hufflepuffs... Yellow or Black?
Black and gold.

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