September 10, 2008


Apparently Hogwarts is in England. Funny thing about England it's not in Canada. It's cold and wet. And people talk funny. Also there seems to be more fried foods. And foods I can't identify and foods that just dound nasty. Do I want to know what's in Blood pudding? I didn't think so.

But I'm here ready to start a new term at school. The first experience I have is shopping in Diagonally or some such. It's super crowded. And kinda expensive. Luckily mom married money. Well, the second time around. And the fifth come to think of it... mind you, it's the newest (and 7th if your keeping track) that's the reason I'm here. Not at home, where I should be. But here. Where things are cold and wet (it bares repeating as I have naturally curly hair).

Here's hoping #8 lives somewhere tropical.